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The Hereafter looms at the centre of everything, a mysterious artificial afterlife constructed one hundred years ago. It has quieted many of the questions that humankind have asked themselves through the ages, healed the divisions of religion around the world, and global society is showing signs of utopia.


A sudden epidemic of natural disasters is claiming hundreds of human lives at a time and gives some people cause to ask heretical questions that others refuse to hear.


An unlikely group of characters from conflicting ideologies find themselves on the same path to restoring the natural balance in the middle of growing apocalyptic devastation: Malaya, a strange street girl with mysterious friends; Krysta who has an empathetic link with Nature; Malachi, an Agent of The Hereafter lured from his training by Krysta's convictions; Agent John, a militant Agent of the Hereafter who believes in little more than doing his job; Terry, a detective sick to the soul of feeling like a pawn in other people's games and Kaylamarr Cromwell, a man hell bent on restoring the threat of divine retribution to people’s lives.


The Hereafter is a fictional exploration of two questions intertwined:

What would life be like if technology could guarantee us an afterlife?


Will Nature ever allow humankind to outgrow Her or are we and will we always be a part of her over which she has ultimate control?

My stories can be a little dark but I'm all sweetness and light really. I make my living hypnotising my clients into happier lives and in the spaces between I like to spin yarns from the shadows in my soul. I like to exercise my demons on the blank page before putting them back where I found them.

When I was four years old I asked my Mum ‘how do we know that life is not a dream?’ Through no fault of her own she was unable to give me a satisfactory answer, and so I am still asking today as there's something far more intriguing about an unanswered question than there is about an answered one. Life's kind of like a treasure hunt without any treasure in that respect and so that is why I read, writes and watch movies. Stories are a way to explore the unanswerable questions like this one and find an answer every time. Each story is a treasure map and the treasure is guaranteed, real or imagined. Let's get rich!

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I Am You
The Hereafter
Age Of Games

Also available on Amazon.com

The assassin calls himself You because of what he can do.


To find his victims he floats in the void between life and death

and ensnares the mind that he is hunting. From there he can take

control of their body, can know everything that they know, can

do everything that they can do, and he can look out through their

eyes while whispering to their cringing soul who is shrieking 'who are


'Shhhhh. I am You.'


You is so good at what he does that he has survived the death

of his own body and lives now in three borrowed bodies on an

island of his own making. When he learns however that he is not as

invulnerable as he thought, his only hope is his own murderer and

old guilt-ridden friend who has exiled himself to The Realm Of Death.


I Am You is about death and the life that precedes it.


It is about what it means to be you.


It is about the fun and darkness in which you can become embroiled

if you were unencumbered by flesh.

Also available on Amazon.com

It's three hundred years in the future and life is good. Life has become a game which is made easier with the invention of FantasyEngines. Games are fun. Every man for himself. Survival of the fittest. But what happens to the fittest?


Jacks is on the verge of becoming a BigPlayer, of completing one level and moving to the next. He is about to win a key to HighRise City and he is excited even though he has no idea what awaits him there.


All he has to do is win his game of Hide & Seek, but things get a little weird as he tries to do that.