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Age Of Games

  • The boy it seemed was a GameCorp Stooge and Nedso’s prize was won, a gift of Fortune bestowed upon him from GameCorp.

  • In The Game, we can know nothing of outside it. It has to be real to us at the time or we’ll never learn anything from it, plus the intensity of the ride would be little different to the board games that we create in imitation – to get the most out of it we had to be immersed in it completely.

  • “There is no good or bad Jacks, I thought you knew that by now. There is just The Game with its conflicting and complimenting objectives that serve as valves for the flow of Fortune through our society.”

  • Roosted birds a little way ahead of us were lifting into flight like a dark veil blowing in the wind, and birds behind us were coming to rest like a water fall of shadows. There was something coming towards us.

  • “There’s nowhere else to go…nowhere that compares. This is a point of creation. There’s no end here just new beginnings with every burst of sound…why play in the illusion when you can bathe at the source of creation?”

  • IN THE Gaming Life Philosophy – The GLiPh – there are four types of player – Pawns, Chevaliers, Divines and Royals. The type of player that you are both describes and determines your approach to The Game.

  • Lying and cheating is not condemned in the GLiPh, but is not forbidden either.

  • GAMECORP UMPIRES came into the city to observe and police the application of the GLiPh. Those who played by observing the teachings, particularly that of MoralCode Chapter were often rewarded.

  • Paranoia sat around me closer than the darkness. The darkness was a comfort, but the paranoia was not.

  • I had a bottle of rum clutched tightly in my hand. It was still half full – I was pretty sure I had been in a glass half empty kinda mood at the beginning of the bottle so things were looking up.