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  • You look at the girl and consider killing her, but death is only really fun when it's you doing the dying and you have done a lot of that.

  • His thoughts are delicate, beautiful, perfectly preserved and filed as God's library might be. You can see them as scrolls, as leather bound books, as tapestries and carpets, everything told a story, oozed information, presented knowledge and plans in the most exquisite way.


  • As a building was worn by time's touch in the real world it took form in The Realm Of Death. As desert formed due to climate change in The Realm Of Life, an ocean grew from a puddle in the realm of death. This was the opposite of entropy – as complex structure eroded in the physical universe so it formed here as if it were a museum where time kept a record of what had gone before, a museum in dire need of a curator.


  • The face of death rose on the far side of the city, the water reflecting the light of the dead stars above him was his pathway into the underworld where he hoped to find his host, the ruler of this realm beyond life. Matt wished to persuade him to claim his old friend Trix and send them both on their merry way.


  • Behind him lay the tattered destruction of an ancient Greek City that had been destroyed by an earthquake, battle or maybe just time itself. The tops of statues, monuments and buildings lay strewn around as if discarded, which meant the foundations and tattered ruins still stood in The Realm of Life. When entropy had won in the land of the real, the city would stand here in The Realm Of Death in its full magnificence.

  • He could not find the heaven or hell that he knew from his own upbringing here as they still battled for dominance in the hearts and souls of living humans, believed in as surely as the ground on which the living walked. Heaven and Hell were still very much alive and so there was no place for them in The Realm Of Death.

  • How do you greet death? Death, he thought, greets you.​

  • Hanging weightless in the perpetual night sky of the realm of death, Matt finally came face to face with his host. Looking Death in the eye, Matt, for the first time in seven years, knew what he had to do.

  • “A warning is a warning, a threat is a threat. There is nothing after that but a promise that must be kept,” she said. “You have had your warning. This is your threat.”


  • He continued though as if drawn on the conveyor belt of the damned, onwards to face his destiny.

  • 'I would not do that if I were you,' he said. 'There is little that I am not capable of and I owe her a favour.'

  • It's alright he thought death is exciting. Trust me I have done it a lot.

  • We are mortals trapped in immortality.

I Am You