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The Hereafter

  • Zacharia Mulone has become to death what Walt Disney is to Florida and built a theme park to which we are all invited. The price of admission has been set at 5% of the estate that you leave behind.

  • “Life is a precious thing,” said Al Jones, “it must be protected and not be seen to lose importance in the face of a guaranteed future beyond.”

  • She smiled at that; she had so much to look forward to for the first time in her life. Then she died.​

  • Agent John: “In a second, I’ll have what’s left of him in the palm of my hand, with no responsibility but to destroy him. You may have information that could make me think again.

  • Father Bishop: It wasn't that the changes were bad; the effect on life was good. There was a lot less misery in the world than ever before, but it was a little like cheating. To a cheat, the game is less important than the end result, and that was exactly how everyone was thinking.​​

  • When The Hereafter was first opened there was uproar within the church and its community, and for a while it was stronger than ever, but slowly, one by one, the flock became whores to certainty and wandered off the beaten track and onto a clearer path. At first the shepherds did not mourn those that they lost, but it wasn’t long before funds began to dwindle, and an empire began to crumble.​

  • They believed that those who are loaded into The Hereafter were remaining imprisoned in the physical world, instead of passing on into the next, and this was upsetting the natural balance of the physical and non-physical in the universe.

  • Life was good on Earth, and doubt was dead. The soulless giant of The Hereafter sat on its throne of certainty and ruled its kingdom, but that kingdom was Nature’s own, and she would not be usurped so easily.


  • He thought he knew who this man was now – a story that he’d thought was just a story, present in literature and songs over recent years:


  • Crowmon: “To hunt nightmares you must exist where the nightmares do, hide in the shadows of human awareness. Fight fire with fire,”

  • The party was a symphony of screams, conducted by two swords of fire being wielded above everyone’s heads, while the damned did battle with the divine.